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" No one can design intelligently for you unless he knows what you need, what you want and what you are like. If you dont tell, he will have to guess - Thomas Dolliver Church (1902-78)"

A consultation will take the form of an hour or so, discussing and exchanging ideas, looking at both your likes and perhaps more important your dislikes. Viewing the site, looking at practicalities, levels, area and positioning. We will discuss the materials available and once again the practical implementation of them.

Stream Team


Following the initial consultation, a agreeable date will be arranged for the survey to be carried out, upon which all details including, aspect, gradients, levels, shade, soil analysis, and surrounding aesthetics.


The design process begins from consultation through to survey and the final plans, I will communicate, inform and advise to ensure the final result meets with your asperations and full approval. I have had many years of experience and the key to success is "discussion". a professional garden designer is there not to tell you how the garden or feature is to appear, but to utilise his skills, ensure the project is feesable. look at balance, harmony, unity and structure as well as be aware of the surroundings, aspect, property and tastes so as to ensure the project meets all the criteria and is in keeping with the surroundings. All plans will be hand drafted, scaled. they will include heights, increments aspect and will be well labeled. Whether it is a small or large water feature or indees a comlplete garden design, I will help you create a truly magnificant garden.

Stream Team

The Implementation

This will be carried out by my self and my team.
The site will have been discussed allowing for areas of works, storage, material deliveries and waste disposal. These will be put in place so as not to cause any or as little inconvenience to yourselves as possible, as well as taking into account health and safety issues. A risk assessment will be carried out before the commencement of the project.

All works will be supervised and carried out to the highest standards. During this process you will be updated of the process.

Water features are indeed a very specialist subject and with both my constant studying, research, and love for the subject I feel now I can offer a full and comprehensive service to tailor all needs, whether it be a modest self contained ‘Burble’ or a large informal pond, I will approach both with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.


Our Services

  • Consultation.
  • Surveying.
  • Design.
  • Planning.
  • Project Management.
  • Construction
  • Informal Water Features
  • High End and Detailed Landscaping
  • Full Comprehensive Service

Water features add dynamics to a given environment. Reflection, sound, texture and movement. A carefully planned and well positioned water feature can bring a great deal of joy and interest, even in the most modest of situations.