About The Stream Team

Implemented with enthusiasm, skill and fine attention to detail

I have spent 17 years within the landscaping industry and have indeed covered all aspect of garden design and landscaping. All of these have been implemented with enthusiasm, skill and fine attention to detail.

After greenery, nothing, I believe, enhances a garden more than sculpture - Thomas Dolliver Church

I still am very involved within the industry, dealing now more so with design, detailed works and water features. The latter of these has become my passion. I also have a good relationship with Capel Manor horticultural college of whom I received my formal education in the respect of garden design, landscaping and now lecture on a part time basis.

My first Landscape project was in fact one of a medium sized water feature, resulting in a very satisfactory conclusion, both my self and clients were delighted with the result. I realised then that this area would play a very important part in my landscaping services and indeed my life as the love for water and the study of it.

Water features are indeed a very specialist subject and with both my constant studying, research, and love for the subject I feel now I can offer a full and comprehensive service to tailor all needs, whether it be a modest self contained ‘Burble’ or a large informal pond, I will approach both with the same enthusiasm and professionalism.

My services include consultation, design, project management and implementation. I have provided these services for both the public as well as contractors who perhaps required a further working knowledge and the relevant skills. Although based in Hertford my services are offered on a national basis.

The Stream Team

Our Services

  • Consultation.
  • Surveying.
  • Design.
  • Planning.
  • Project Management.
  • Construction
  • Informal Water Features
  • High End and Detailed Landscaping
  • Full Comprehensive Service

Water features add dynamics to a given environment. Reflection, sound, texture and movement. A carefully planned and well positioned water feature can bring a great deal of joy and interest, even in the most modest of situations.


The Stream Team created a little piece of paradise in our back garden!
Mike & Claire.
Unlike most, you did what you said you would and in the time that you said you would do it. That is as important to me as the work itself, very Pleased.
Dave & Sarah
Thanks for all your hard work in transforming our dumping ground into useable garden! We would be quite happy to recommend you to anyone, thank you
Bob & Joan